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The Galactic Bulge Survey

Peter G. Jonker (SRON & CfA & Nijmegen University)
Gijs Nelemans (Nijmegen University & KU Leuven)
Danny Steeghs (Warwick University)
Manuel A.P. Torres (SRON & Nijmegen University)
Rob Hynes (Louisiana State University)
Tom Maccarone (Texas Tech University)
Craig Heinke (University of Alberta)
Jianfeng Wu (CfA)
Sandra Greiss (Warwick University)
Chris Britt (Texas Tech University)
Chris Johnson (Louisiana State University)
Thomas Wevers (Nijmegen University)
Serena Repetto (Nijmegen University)
There a quite a few other researchers that have helped out and have been involved in various aspects of the work (check out the Publications).

Last change: Jul 10, 2014