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Jelle Kaastra Prof. Dr. Jelle S. Kaastra
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Current position
Research interests
Large projects
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Current position

Senior Scientist at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research
Part-time honorary Professor (High Energy Astrophysics) at Leiden University
Zero appointment as "Universitair hoofddocent" at the Physics & Astronomy Department, Utrecht University

Other professional activities:

Principal Investigator of the Reflection Grating Spectrometer (RGS) of XMM-Newton
Principal Investigator of the Low Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer (LETGS) of Chandra
Member ASTRO-H Science Advisory Committee

Research interests

X-ray spectroscopy of:

Modeling of (high-resolution) X-ray spectra

Continuation of the pioneering work of Rolf Mewe:

Future X-ray instruments

Recent large projects

  • Observing campaign on NGC 7469
  • Publications

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    Inaugural lecture 3 November 2014

    See text (Dutch and English) and pictures here


    Leiden University: Master's course High Energy Astrophysics
    Autumn 2022 Course material is posted here