Chapter 3 of John Heise's 'Akkadian language' with examples of cuneiform texts.

3. Sample texts in cuneiform

written in TeX or LaTeX with the use of cuneiform fonts, and obtainable in postscript file format.
  1. e-nu-ma e-liš
    Babylonian epic of creation, Enuma elish, tablet I
    1. cuneiform text + transliteration (in .ps-file format)
      or in .pdf-file format, readable with the Acrobat-reader. The text has cuneiform on uneven pages and transliteration to syllables and words on even pages.
      Or cuneiform text only in .gif-file format, in sets of separate images: And transliteration in .gif-file format, in sets of separate images:
    2. About the epic of creation (to be written)
    3. First few lines explained in detail
    4. For translation see Stephanie Dalley, Myths from Mesopotamia
    5. a translation of all tablets is given elsewhere on the net [dead link?]
  2. Codex Hammurabi

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