Chapter 5 of John Heise's 'Akkadian language', about dialects and grammar.

5. Akkadian linguistics

  1. Introduction (to be written)
  2. Akkadian as the oldest Semitic language
  3. Akkadian dialects
  4. Akkadian grammar (to be completed)
    1. about phonetics, Akkadian consonants and vowels
    2. about morphology, parts of a word, some linguistic concepts
    3. Nouns
      1. Noun declension
      2. Forms of the construct state of the noun
    4. Adjectives
    5. Possessive pronouns ('my', your', 'his')
    6. Some type of nouns
      1. Abstract nouns
      2. Nominal typology
  5. pronouns
    1. Absolute pronouns
  6. The verb
  7. Overview of paradigms for the strong verbs
  8. Summary of meaning of stem formations
  9. Weak verbs
    1. Division of weak verbs,
    2. verbs III weak,
    3. verbs II weak,
    4. verbs I weak, Aleph, J, N,
    5. verbs I weak, W,
    6. verbs double weak,
    7. irregular verbs ,
  • Akkadian dictionaries (references)
    1. CAD, Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
    2. AHw, Akkadisches handwörterbuch
    3. Vocabularies
      1. Vocabularies in some textbooks,
      2. Akkadian vocabulary (in Dutch)
        1. See letter A; D-G; H; I-J; M; P-R; T-U; W-Z; the entire vocabulary is about 300 pages and may be send to you upon request) (all in Dutch)
    4. Sumerian dictionary


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