New transients discovered with BeppoSAX-WFC

Last update: March 19, 2002

Follows a table of transients discovered with BeppoSAX-WFC. Only those published are tabled. Gamma ray bursts are not included. All positions are for equinox 2000.0 and are determined from WFC data.

SAX J1711.6-380817h 11m 36s-38o 08.5' In 't Zand et al. 2001
IAUC 7582
SAX J1712.6-373917h 12m 34s-37o 38.6'Also bursterIn 't Zand and Cocchi et al. 1999
IAUC 7243+7247
SAX J1747.0-285317h 47m 02s-28o 53.0'Also burster
Probably GX +0.2-0.2
In 't Zand et al. 1998
IAUC 6846
SAX J1748.9-202117h 48m 52s-20o 21.4'Also burster
In NGC 6440,
probably MX 1746-20
In 't Zand et al. 1998
IAUC 6997
SAX J1750.8-290017h 50m 48s-28o 59.9'Also burster
updated position
Bazzano et al. 1997
IAUC 6597
SAX J1752.3-313817h 52m 24s-31o 37.7'Only detected
during burst
Cocchi et al. 1999
IAUC 7307
SAX J1753.5-234917h 53m 34s-23o 49.4'Only detected
during burst
In 't Zand et al. 1997
Rome conf.
SAX J1805.5-203118h 05m 34s-20o 30.8' Lowes et al. 2002
IAUC 7843
SAX J1806.5-221518h 06m 34s-22o 15.1'Only detected
during burst
In 't Zand et al. 1997
Rome conf.
SAX J1808.4-365818h 08m 29s-36o 58.6'Also burster
and ms pulsar
In 't Zand et al. 1998
A&A 331, L25
SAX J1810.8-260918h 10m 46.9s-26o 09' 24"Also burster
updated position
Ubertini et al. 1998
IAUC 6838+6843
SAX J1818.6-170318h 18m 39s-17o 03.1'Fast transientIn 't Zand et al. 1998
IAUC 6840
SAX J1819.3-252518h 19m 20s-25o 24.9'Flaring sourceIn 't Zand et al. 1999
IAUC 7119
SAX J2103.5+454521h 03m 33s+45o 45.0'6 min pulsarHulleman et al. 1998
A&A Lett. 1998
SAX J2239.3+611622h 39m 18s+61o 16.3'probably Be XRBIn 't Zand et al. 2000
The following table lists transients that have been eliminated from the new transients list and are X-ray flashes which are probably X-ray rich gamma-ray bursts.
SAX J0104.5+582801h 04m 35s+58o 28.8'Only detected
during burst
Ricci et al. 1998
IAUC 6816
SAX J0835.9+511808h 35m 56s+51o 18.6'Only detected
during burst
Gandolfi et al. 1999
IAUC 7174
SAX J0840.7+224808h 40m 40s+22o 48.3'Only detected
during burst
Heise et al. 1998
IAUC 6892
SAX J1603.9-775316h 03m 54s-77o 53.1'Only detected
during burst
Muller et al. 1998
IAUC 6842

Jean in 't Zand, SRON, March 19, 2002