Resume of Jean in 't Zand


(Instrument) scientist, affiliated with SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, working in the field of high-energy astrophysics and gravitational waves


(binary) compact galactic objects, thermonuclear shell flashes, gamma-ray bursts, coded aperture imaging


LISA QPD (2018-), LOFT/eXTP WFM (2010-), eXTP Observatory Science (2015-), EDGE Galactic science objectives (-2007), BeppoSAX Wide Field Cameras (-2002), MIRAX soft X-ray imager (-2007), XEUS optics (-2006), HETE (1993-1997), SXG-MOXE (1993-1995), Mir/COMIS (1988-1992)


Nicer, Swift, Chandra, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, RossiXTE, BeppoSAX, Mir/Kvant, VLT


1992 - Ph. D. degree, "A coded mask imager as monitor of galactic X-ray sources", Utrecht University, the Netherlands
1987 - M.S. degree, Astrophysics, Physics, Mathematics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands


2000 - 2002 Postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University
1997 - 2000 Postdoctoral researcher at Space Research Organization of the Netherlands
1995 - 1996 NRC research associate at Goddard Space Flight Center / LHEA, MD, USA
1993 - 1995 Postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM, USA
1992 - 1993 Postdoctoral researcher at Space Research Organization of the Netherlands
1987 - 1992 Junior scientist at Space Research Organization of the Netherlands


2007- PM LISA Quadrant Photon Diode
co-lead eXTP SWG on Observatory Science
Neutron star equation of state through rare kinds of X-ray bursts
Study of dynamic phenomena after thermonuclear flashes on neutron stars
Study of neutron star cooling after thermonuclear flashes
Athena scientific collaborator
2002-2007:Follow-up studies of WFC-detected unidentified sources with Chandra (GTO) and XMM-Newton (GO)
Catalogs of WFC fast transients and WFC faint sources
Ultracompact X-ray binaries
Flares from supergiant X-ray binaries
MIRAX scientific collaborator
MIRAX soft x-ray imager science PI
XEUS optics simulations
EDGE proposal
1997-2002: The prompt and delayed X-ray emission from gamma-ray bursts
Monitoring observations of the Galactic center field with BeppoSAX and RXTE
Search for new type I X-ray bursters
Follow-up studies of WFC-detected transients with BeppoSAX and RXTE
Follow-up studies of PCA-detected pulsars with RXTE
In-flight calibration of BeppoSAX Wide Field Cameras
1995-1996: High-resolution spectra of gamma-ray bursts as measured with TGRS
The high-resolution spectrum of GRO J1655-40
Analysis of RXTE/PCA data on 4U1907+09
1993-1995: Time profiles and fluence logN-logS distributions of gamma-ray bursts
Performance simulations of MOnitoring X-ray Experiment (MOXE) all-sky monitor
Coded mask design and onboard s/w development for Wide field X-ray monitor (WXM) of High-Energy Transient Experiment (HETE)
1992-1993: Coded mask design and data analysis s/w development for Wide Field Cameras on SAX
1987-1992: Ph.D. Dissertation (' A coded mask imager as monitor of Galactic X-ray sources')
Analysis of X-ray data from COMIS/TTM on X-ray binaries such as GS2023+338, GX5-1, KS1741-293, KS1732-273, A1118-63, A1744-33
Development of reconstruction algorithms for use on coded mask data
In-flight calibration of COded Mask Imaging Spectrometer (COMIS/TTM)


2002 Descartes Prize of European Community, as member of GRB follow-up team
1998 Rossi prize of American Astronomical Society, as member of BeppoSAX-GRB team
1995 Fellowship of National Research Council (US Nat. Academy of Sciences)


Nederlandse Astronomen Club
International Astronomical Union


"Type-I X-ray bursts: where are we (headed)?", 42nd COSPAR Assembly, Pasadena, USA, July 2018
"Neutrron star cooling and rp features in the tails of X-ray bursts", 'Burst environment, reactions and numercial modeling', Prato, Italy, June 2018
"eXTP Observatory Science", 'High-throughput X-ray astronomy in the eXTP era' (Rome, Italy, February 2017
"Understanding superbursts", '7 years of MAXI: monitoring X-ray transients', Tokyo, Japan, December 2016
"Type-I X-ray burst populations", 'Stellar Remnants at the Junction', Texas, USA, May 2016
"A review of observations of X-ray bursts", EWASS 2013, Turku, July 2013
"What can LOFT do for thermonuclear X-ray bursts?", EWASS 2013, Turku, July 2013
"X-ray bursts and superbursts: what can MAXI do?", MAXI workshopm Tokyo, December 2010
"The observational future of X-ray bursts", Lorentz Center, July 2010
"Evidence of heavy-element ashes in thermonuclear X-ray bursts with photospheric superexpansion", COSPAR, Bremen, July 2010
"Type-I X-ray bursts from accreting millisecond pulsars", AXMP workshop, Amsterdam, May 2008
"Rare and peculiar kinds of thermonuclear flashes", The Neutron Star Crust and Surface, Seattle, June 2007
"Nature of densest matter in observable universe", EDGE review proposal meeting, Rome, May 2007
"The BeppoSAX-WFC campaign on the Galactic Center field", MIRAX workshop, Sao Jose dos Campos, December 2005
"Transient X-ray sources in the Galactic center region", 4th INTEGRAL Workshop, Alicante, September 2000
"The MOnitoring X-ray Experiment", SPIE meeting, San Diego, July 1994


(as of August 2018, from NASA ADS)

192 refereed journal papers, 49 as first author

272 non-refereed publications, 78 as first author

69 IAU circulars, 15 as first author

39 Astronomical Telegrams, 8 as first author

31 GCN circulars, 6 as first author

12823 citations, 1996 to first author publications

Hirsch-index 51 (all publications), 24 (first author refereed papers)

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