Laboratory measurements of XANES

This project is carried out under the aegis of the NWO-VIDI grant of Dr. E. Costantini (no 639.042.525) and partial support of Leiden Univ.


     Soleil synchrotron

o  LUCIA beamline

  Si K, (Mg K)


Costantini et al. 2013

Zeegers, Costantini et al. 2017, A&A, 599, 117press .

     ESRF synchrotron

o  DUBBLE beamline

  Fe K

  (Rogantini, Costantini et al. in prep.)

     EMU-Electron microscope Utrecht

  Fe L, O K


      Si K edge (E=1.8389 keV)

Zeegers, Costantini et al. 2017 A&A, 599, 117


o  The samples

o  Optical constants (n,k)

o  Extinction cross sections

o  Absorption cross sections

o  Scattering cross sections

o  Normalized extinction cross sections



Last update: 09.08.2017 (E. Costantini)